Understand yeast – bake better bread!

Yeast is a living organism and it requires a specific heat range and some “food” before it can go to work.

By warming your bread recipe liquid to a specific temperature range and giving yeast either sugar, honey, syrup or some sweetener (nothing artificial, not even stevia), it will work up a storm in your dough.

To finish the baking process, be sure to complete your final rise in an area that’s at least 80 degrees (Fahrenheit). You can warm your oven up to 150-170 (don’t leave it on, just warm it up) and then raise the dough in it. That gives your yeast the warmth it needs to finish its job just before you bake it.

You’ll find all the details in my book, “Secrets to Baking Your Best Bread Ever” at this link:

Learn more about yeast and how it works here:




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