100% Whole Wheat Bread Baking

Home-made 100% Wheat Bread

One of the staples at our house is home-made 100% whole wheat bread.

Through a lot of trial and error over the years, I have learned how to make beautiful, nutritious, home-made loaves of bread – every time!

I’m sharing what I’ve learned, a list of important bread-baking tools and my “best” recipes at this link.

Some key tools I’ve found to bake the best breads:
1.Bread machines, which make the important task of kneading so easy! Start your review with my favorite machine.
2.Digital thermometers allow you to precisely set temperature of the recipe liquids. Your thermometer doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some options:
b.Higher end

3.Bread pans matter! Choose the proper size: 9×5 or smaller. I recommend USA Pan Bakeware, find some options here.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by all these details! You can bake your best bread by using a bread machine – it kneads dough perfectly! – digital thermometer to manage the temperature of the liquids in your recipe, and just the right pan to turn out this beautiful loaf of bread!

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