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Let me introduce myself

As long as I can remember I have loved to write. My passion has helped shape and direct my life since my elementary school days and the discovery of a freelance writing career in 1986 fueled further development of my writing skills and experience.

My writing career began with a desire to write about the majestic Belgian Horses that my husband and I started raising as a hobby (ourdakotahorsetales.com). For the past 30 years I have written hundreds of articles for a variety of industries and worked with book publishing through my company, Prairie Hearth Publishing, LLC.

My book available for sale

Secrets to Baking Your Best Bread Ever

The information contained in this book – gained from my own personal experience – will help you make nearly any type of bread you desire by using a bread machine.

The “secrets” to producing tantalizing breads with your bread machine are all revealed in the details of this book.  They have to do with anything from properly activating your yeast to letting your machine do the difficult but important work – kneading.

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