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About Me

A few words about Loretta

Let me introduce myself

My bread baking journey began after my husband was diagnosed with cancer.

My goal was to prepare as much fresh, chemical free food as possible. Since bread is a staple at our house, it seemed natural for me to start making bread from scratch.

It seemed easier to fit that task into a busy schedule by using a bread machine. However, those first loaves of bread were terrible. Homemade or not, there was no way we were going to eat them.

My determination to find a way to make delicious homemade bread led me to many discoveries – including a unique process for producing all the lovely bread loaves you see on this site.

Check out the recipes and don’t forget: method is the true key! Happy baking.

My book available for sale

Secrets to Baking Your Best Bread Ever

The information contained in this book – gained from my own personal experience – will help you make nearly any type of bread you desire by using a bread machine.

The “secrets” to producing tantalizing breads with your bread machine are all revealed in the details of this book.  They have to do with anything from properly activating your yeast to letting your machine do the difficult but important work – kneading.

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